I wear a lot of hats.

My background in multimedia allowed me to learn a variety of different skills including web and mobile design, web development, motion design, video editing, and even photography. These skills have come in handy when working with small companies, in positions that require me to wear a lot of hats.  However, as a UX Designer, I specialize in visual and interaction design. I also have some awesome front-end development skills.


Visual Design

I create beautiful designs for web and mobile. I use design principles, color, typography, imagery to communicate the core purpose of the interface.



Interaction Design

I create interfaces that are usable. I use storyboards, wireframes, and prototypes to ensure the user finds what they are looking for and achieve their goals easily.


Front-End Development

I build the front-end of websites. I have extensive knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and JS. I have solid experience working with WordPress sites and themes.

User Experience Designer

Rozy Penaloza

I am a Toronto-based user experience (UX) designer, who specializes in visual and interaction design. I create beautiful websites and mobile applications - and because beauty isn't everything, I also make them easy to use and effective by taking a user-centered approach to design.

The first project I took part in was a website project for a friend who started an interior decor business. Unfortunately, the agency she hired went under before her website was finished. In an effort to help her, I enlisted another friend, a web designer, to help. I started teaching myself HTML and CSS and together we brought the design to life.

That experience was life-changing. After working together on a few more projects, I decided to pursue web design as a career. I studied Multimedia Design and Development at Humber College.  Some of the companies I've worked with include Humber College and Think Dirty App.

Let's talk about your project.

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